The CA® system

The convincing Aligner treatment from your practice

Aligning teeth with aesthetic high-quality splints is an important therapy in modern orthodontics. Especially for treating adults, this concept has proven successful.

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But unlike most therapy concepts, the CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER is nothing to be had off the peg: The single components of the CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER splint system enable you to effect treatment on your own – in your practice or lab – from diagnosis and treatment planning to fabrication of the set-up models until realizing the final splint.

Perfektion ist ein Lächeln zu verschönern

The 3-Splint-System

3 different material thicknesses, worn during 4 weeks for a unique and beautiful smile: With each treatment step, the patient receives 3 splints in different thicknesses to be worn subsequently. Thanks to this steady increase in pressure, teeth are aligned efficiently, but in a smooth and gentle way. The special design of the splint with additional covering of the gingival zone (2-3 mm) increases power transmission, leading to an even more efficient treatment.

  • Step 1, Woche 1
  • Step 1, Woche 2
  • Step 1, Woche 3
  • Step 1, Woche 4
  • Step 2, Woche 1
  • Step 2, Woche 2
  • Step 2, Woche 3
  • Step 2, Woche 4
  • Step 3, Woche 1
  • Step 3, Woche 2
  • Step 3, Woche 3
  • Step 3, Woche 4
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Choices - The right concept for each practice

For more than 10 years, the CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER system has proven successful for realizing easy and aesthetic teeth aligning.

The single components of the CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER splint system enable you to effect treatment on your own – in your practice or lab – from diagnosis and treatment planning to fabrication of the set-up models until realizing the final splint.

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Choosing the CA LAB option, all treatment steps from planning, Set-up fabrication until realization of the splint will be carried out in your practice resp. your laboratory. The necessary equipment consists of a pressure moulding machine type MINISTAR® or BIOSTAR®, CA® material in soft, medium and hard as well as the CA®SMART software including webcam, CA® photo support and CA®CHECKER.

For further information regarding the single components of CA LAB and the certification courses please refer to our CA® catalogue or contact us directly at phone number +49 2374 9288-0.


CA DIGITAL assists you with the treatment planning and with sending out the Set-Up models. You just have to pressurize the splints.

We’re looking to welcoming you at one of our training or certification courses where you can get acquainted in detail with the advantages of the CA®CLEAR ALIGNER concept.

Benefits -
For you and your patients

The benefits for your practice

added value
Fabrication of the CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER splints is in your own hand and can be realized directly in your practice or laboratory.

on your own responsibility
Treatment control is completely in the hand of the doctor. The splints are fabricated individually for each treatment step, allowing a treatment correction at any time without causing additional cost.

CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER splints are made of a high-quality biocompatible thermoplastic material.

Thanks to its installed webcam and an automatic recognition of the dental arcade, the CA® Smart software facilitates the Set-up fabrication, allowing easy and exact transposition of the teeth on the situation model.

The CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER treatment has been developed for various indications in treating adults. After eruption of the 12 year molars, young persons, too, can be treated with the therapy, depending on the indication.

The CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER splints are fabricated individually for each treatment step, assuring an ideal fit.

SCHEU-ACADEMY offers you a versatile course program, meeting your demands in practice and laboratory. You can contact our staff at any time. They will be happy to consult you in your practice for any questions concerning the daily work routine. We can provide digital and analog information material for you and your patients.

Benefits for your patients

The CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER splint is clear and transparent, almost invisible. Your patients can speak and laugh without difficulty.

The high-quality splint assures a normal feeling in your mouth, it is pleasantly smooth and biocompatible.

Your patients can take in and out their splints at any time, e.g. for meals and cleansing.

Cleansing of CA® CLEAR-ALIGNER splint can be easily done. We recommend using CETRON® cleansing powder.

In many cases, therapy is more affordable than other treatment options for teeth alignment.


Treatment with Vector 40 expansion screws

Especially for cases with severe crowdings we recommend to expand the frontal teeth before beginning the Set-up treatment, making sure there Is enough space for the tooth movements. This preliminary expansion can help you to reduce the number of steps during the subsequent therapy, saving thus time and money for the patient.

Before, after

Treatment with Vector 40 expansion screws

Expansion in just a few steps

Products are available with SCHEU-DENTAL GmbH.
  • Schritt 1 und 2

    Step 1
    Pressurize foil

    Step 2
    Aligning the screw

  • Schritt 3

    Step 3
    Fixing the screw

  • Schritt 4

    Step 4
    Separating along the midline

  • Schritt 5

    Step 5
    Finishing shortly - ready to wear!